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Re: Vocal & Guitar looping - How can I switch vocal on & off?

Hi Mark

ok, let's be really specific here ;-)

Here is the routing using a Mixer with two Aux Sends (Pre/Post switchable) 
and an A/B switch that can also be used to send _one_ Input to _two_ 

Guitar > Mixer IN1
Mixer IN1 > Aux Send 1 (PreFader)
- set Mixer IN1 volume = 0

Aux Send 1 > Digitech JamMan
Digitech JamMan > Aux Return (or Mixer input channel)
Aux Return > PA (possibly balanced)

SM58 Mic > Mixer IN2
Mixer IN2 > Aux Send 2 (PreFader)
- set Mixer IN2 volume = 0

Aux Send 2 > A/B Pedal
A/B Pedal > Mixer IN3 (A)
A/B Pedal > Mixer IN4 (B)

Mixer IN3 > PA

Mixer IN4 > Aux Send 1 (PreFader)
- set Mixer IN4 volume =0
(Aux Send 1 > JamMan ...)

So, this setup should really do the trick for you:
- In pedal position A, you hear vocals and guitar only runs through the 
- In pedal position B, both your vocals and guitar are routed through the 

It might look a bit complex in the beginning, but I think this is the most 
elegant solution.

Have fun! :-)


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