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New Digitech Delay/Looper

DigiTech has a new line of "hardwire" guitar stompboxes


one of which is the DL-8 Delay/Looper


-----begin features-----
*  Delay Types
      o Digital
            + 0.5 Seconds – 150 ms to 500 ms (milliseconds)
            + 1 Second – 500 ms to 1 sec
            + 2 Seconds – 1 sec to 2 sec
            + 8 Seconds – 2 sec to 8 sec
      o Reverse
      o Modulated – chorused delay
      o Analog – vintage bucket brigade analog delay
      o Slapback – 80 ms to 150 ms
      o LoFi – low-fidelity delay
      o Tape – classic tube tape echo
      o Loop – infinite stereo loops up to 20 sec
 * Tails On/Off Switch – When on, delay tails are not cut off in bypass
----end features-----

It also looks like it has stereo ins and outs. Musician's Friend lists it 
for US$160:


Has anyone had a chance to try it yet?


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