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OT: Here's what I want to do... what do I need?

I think I want a sampler/sequencer.... but hear me first.
My set up: Devices receiving MIDI messages.  2 EDP's, JunoD (notes, p changes), Dr 880 (notes), Roland Guitar Synth (p changes), Alesis Midiverb (p changes)
1) It would be cool to be able to have a device to load all of my midi tracks into.  I suppose I could just use my macbook... but I don't have faith that it wont fail me (good as a backup though).
2) I want to be able to record drum samples in the studio to take to the stage.  For example, a shaker loop, or a natural sounding djembe, or just a crazy sound!
3) I want to be able to sample LIVE (my voice mainly) at a predetermined window of time and trigger playbacks in different pitches using my midi guitar or pre programmed midi tracks.
I know my computer can do all this... I just don't trust it!!
Thanks in advance,