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Re: OT: Here's what I want to do... what do I need?

>I know my computer can do all this... I just don't trust it!!
Why not?  I'm just curious.  I hear this a lot in this group and in some others.  Is it just because of 'bad press' ?? Or bad experience?  I used to do a lot of process control programming and we used PCs quite a bit.  We didn't have issues with crashing any more than any other piece of equipment.  Stuff fails, but heck, I've had strings break, batteries die, cables go bad, tubes blow out... Why is it that people think a PC/Mac crash/failure any more likely than any other hardware failure? 

Just wondering.

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 11:25 AM, Adam Hart <will.it.go.round@gmail.com> wrote:
I think I want a sampler/sequencer.... but hear me first.
My set up: Devices receiving MIDI messages.  2 EDP's, JunoD (notes, p changes), Dr 880 (notes), Roland Guitar Synth (p changes), Alesis Midiverb (p changes)
1) It would be cool to be able to have a device to load all of my midi tracks into.  I suppose I could just use my macbook... but I don't have faith that it wont fail me (good as a backup though).
2) I want to be able to record drum samples in the studio to take to the stage.  For example, a shaker loop, or a natural sounding djembe, or just a crazy sound!
3) I want to be able to sample LIVE (my voice mainly) at a predetermined window of time and trigger playbacks in different pitches using my midi guitar or pre programmed midi tracks.
I know my computer can do all this... I just don't trust it!!
Thanks in advance,