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Re: OT: Hey Loopers< MF is blowing out Mackie SRM 350 p.a.portable PA speakers

The FBTs are the only ones I haven't heard. I think there is a store here 
Boise that carries them. Are they from Italy as well?

One phrase I seen from a handful of audiofiles is "Great, for a cabinet 
made out of wood".  Now, I am wondering, weight aside (because these 
would weigh a ton), what would something like a FCB, Mackie, or FBL 12" 
powered cab would sound like if it were made out of a decent wood, rather 
than mold?

----- Original Message ----- 

> Fair enough, Kris.
> Speaking of top active PA speakers, don't forget to keep  the FBT Maxx 
> in mind. They are on par with the RCF and much less known. I did choose 
> them over the RCF for the same price!!
> best regards
> Buzap
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