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Re: OT: Hey Loopers< MF is blowing out Mackie SRM 350 p.a.portablePA speakers

Krispen Hartung wrote:

> I love the RCFs, but realistically there is no "dramatic" difference 
> between them, the Mackie's, and JBLs. 

Personally, when I heard the JBLs was the first time I ever thought 
about getting a pa. I can get "my sound" on good studio monitors,
and on the JBLs, but not on anything else.
(although the Mackies are acceptable, especially if not too loud)

I don't know the RCF's, but I find quite a lot of difference between the
JBL's and the Mackies. 
I prefer the JBL's for the relatively un-colored sound and find the 
a bit fatiguing to listen to, especially as the volume goes up.
However, I'm sure there's folks who'd prefer the "punchy" Mackie sound.

I'd hazard a guess that the different speakers are aimed at different
types of music.

> r, so we are really 
> starting to spice hairs and get into personal preference.

Indeed, there's a lot of pa's out there which sound so much worse than
these ones. (ever been to a London venue? :-)

..but then I spice my hair over every other aspect of the sound too.
(with Dalek Shampoo of course )

andy butler