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Re: gig review - Daryl Shawn with Ted Harms in Toronto, Sunday

thanks for writing the review Ted! It was fantastic to meet and play 
with you. Somehow we have managed to install a Good People filter on 
membership in the LD community, it's been so great to hook up with these 
people I know only electronically.

I felt great about the show. The crowd was not necessarily one 
accustomed to seeing improvised music, but I think we won them over, I 
didn't see people leaving which is the ultimate test. And having 
improvising dancers involved for part of the set was really exciting, it 
certainly is a way to add visual interest and it was great to play off 

Since gear minutiae is high currency on this list, I did want to offer a 
mild correction, I was using a single four-track with a dictating 
machine in the effects loop, with a punch-in pedal and the dictaphone 
backspace pedal to control 'em. I do have a backup four-tracker along, a 
little Fostex (battery-powered! I'll be using Sam's portable solar ideas 
not too long in our blissful future...) which I haven't had to break out 
yet. I'm LOVING the Traveler Guitar nylon-string (the older Escape 
model), it has such nice intonation in the high frets and people seem to 
be fascinated by the look. So far I've been using it exclusively on all 
the looping gigs.

thanks again for making the drive out to meet up and play, it was a 
grand pleasure.


Daryl Shawn

> Sunday was my turn to ride on the Daryl Shawn 2008 N. American tour 
> train as it hit Toronto.
> Daryl and I got together a few hours before the show for a quick 
> feeling-out session and I think things went swimmingly.  I brought my 
> double bass, a dl4, a distortion box, and two delay/pitch shifters.  
> Daryl had his travel guitar, his double four-track set-up and a few 
> other goodies.