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Aaron Austin wrote:
> Allright i checked the sockets as you asked and everything seems fine, 
> and i am syncing with the drum machine with the echoplex as a slave  to 
> the drum machine.  So i have the SYNC = IN, and QUANTIZE = 8th, and 
> 8thCycle= 16

you don't need QUANTISE = 8th
It shouldn't make a difference, but if you're desperate try Quantise=OFF

> then i press play on the drum machine then wait until the edp lights up 
> a tempo light flashs and overdub glows yellow telling me it is sync but 
> never fails to give me alot of problems so thats that.

the yellow LED is an indication that Midi clock is incoming,
but it comes on right away when midi clock is detected,
and isn't saying you got sync.
(I had to fire up the edp for that knowledge) 

when the edp syncs it displays the looptime.

If you don't see the looptime....don't start Record.

It *could* be that you just aren't giving the edp time to sync.

The edp also flashes a green led at the bottom right of it's numeric 
once a bar for sync.

If you're seeing the looptime before you hit record, and still losing
sync then something's very wrong.
Perhaps the drum machine's not keeping time exactly enough.
( I know that's unlikely...but what else?)

> But i am 
> interested in using the edp as a master as u said hopefully saving my 
> ass how should i do so ? 

Sync = Out, Or Sync = OuS 

OuS sends extra commands to the drum machine, you'll have to look that up 
if you need it.

then swap round the midi cable in the obvious way

> and i hope this e-mail is descriptive enough 
> for a good analysis.

wish I could solve your problem.

I'm away for the weekend, so can't do more til next week.

Maybe someone else here can help.

Claude Voit is the EDP midi guru

Luis Angelo is great at using edp as sync master for a drum machine.

andy butler

> On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 3:30 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk 
> <mailto:akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>> wrote:
>     hi Aaron
>     Don't know if you got my earlier reply (which went to the list)
>     Please keep in mind that it's easier to help if you take time to
>     write out all the relevant details in a clear and unambiguous way.
>     :-) then we can help you quicker.
>     It's not easy to diagnose by email,
>     unless there's a full description of what's going on with your gear.
>     Unfortunately, there's no way to tell from your description whether
>     there's a fault in the midi connection, whether it's the lead, the
>     drum machine or the edp .
>     First thing to check is that all your midi connections are into the
>     correct sockets
>     (my most common mistake :-)
>      >From what you say, it looks like you had a midi cable running from
>     the computer
>     midi interface midi-Out to the edp Midi-In and were able to sync
>     correctly.
>     If that's the case (and if you're still using the same midi cable) 
>     it's pretty likely that you're Midi cable is ok, and the edp is
>     working correctly.
>     You might like to reconnect that configuration again to check that
>     the midi
>     cable hasn't failed since then.
>     There's 2 ways to sync edp *with* a drum machine.
>     The edp can be master or slave. I assumed from your previous post
>     that the edp was slave,
>     but can't be sure.
>     If you tell us which way then we can make further diagnosis.
>     If one way won't work for you, possibly the other will and save your
>     hide at the gig.
>     If the edp is syncing correctly it will display the loop time.
>     It may take a couple of cycles for it to do that.
>     That must be what happens when you sync to the computer.
>     ...but does it happen with the drums?????
>     Is the edp displaying looptime??
>     NO>>> midi connection bad
>     YES>> likely drum machine is not holding it's tempo, or a slim
>     chance that the midi cable is has an intermittent fault
>     If edp is master, then set Sync=Out
>     hope that helps
>     andy butler
>     Aaron Austin wrote:
>         I have an upcoming show and would really like to sync my
>         echoplex digital pro plus with a Dr. Rythym drum machine and i
>         cannot figure how to run it smoothly i have the sync set to IN,
>         and the Quantize set to 8ths, and the 8ths cycle set to 16ths.
>         But it always after about a minute or so begins to fall apart
>         and sound horrible i can sync to my computer just fine and stay
>         in rythym but the drum machine never works for long. Is it
>         possibly a broken drum machine or broken echoplex or even a bad
>         midi cable i dont understand please help?