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Boss RC-2 tip

For all you RC-2’rs. I stumbled across a way of erasing phrases when you’re simply creating them on the fly and not saving them to memory. This will allow you to not have to keep bending down to mess with the phrase track knob to eliminate your last loop phrase. Here’s what I do:

-          connect an FS-5U pedal and instead having the switch moved toward the plugged in cable (as rec’d). move it in the other direction.

-          Select the drum track you want

-          Set the mode switch to the normal operating mode (second position from right)

-          Press the pedal in sync with your first chord, note whatever you start with and play through your phrase progression/loop (you won’t hear the drum/guide track during this initial recording.

-          Press the pedal and your loop is going, then overdub at will

-          When you’re finished with that loop and want to create a new one (using the same drum track), press the pedal and hold it down until the loop stops playing (usually one measure), press the FS-5U pedal once the drum track may go for a couple of beats then stop, then press the RC-2 pedal once (it may play for a couple of beats then it stops.

-          Now you’re ready to start again, and you start ove rusing the same drum track.


Not sure if this is simply a glitch but the manual doesn’t mention this and believe it saves the bending over and over and over thing, unless you’re working on your abs!