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RE: Pretec CFCs and Repeater

Hi again all,

My Pretec CFC arrived today from Tima Tec, and I am pleased to say it works as well on my Repeater running the 2.01.04 version of the OS as the previous reports we've heard when folks were reporting on tests.

I got a 512 MB card--the number on it is CFH512EHG.

Previously, I was using one of the "lucky" Simpletech 128 MB cards--the ones that have the Hitachi controller and work flawlessly. The Pretec card appears to work just as well as it, based on my first tests today.

It stood up to all tests I threw at it without choking (no slow CFC error messages).

These include:

Stereo record
Stereo overdub
Stereo record on 1 & 2, then on 3 & 4
Stereo overdub on 1 & 2, then on 3 & 4
Reverse stereo overdub
Reverse stereo overdub on 1 & 2, then on 3 & 4
Pitch Shift
Stereo overdub on Pitch Shifting tracks

I am a very happy man right now--it is so very nice.