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RE: ebow for piano OT

Too cool! Mr. Moog himself!!! In Jersey!

I also remember music class in junior high. For me these years were 1976-77
or so...the teacher played "Switched on Bach" and I remember her playing
pieces of the Peer Gynt Suite, "In the Hall of the Mountain King". Freaky
stuff to a developing teen boy's mind. LOL

I later went on to discover Zappa, Bowie and all this other weird and
wonderful prog-ambient stuff of today as well...the list goes on and on.

At NEARFest this past June, Robert Moog's daughter had a vending booth and
was taking donations for the Bob Moog Foundation. Apparently in his garage,
they discovered many cardboard boxes filled with Mr. Moog's scribblings,
notes, electronics diagrams, etc. which are in dire need of restoration. At
a later date, they may make a public appearance in a museum or other such
informational outlet somewhere.

Check it out: http://www.moogfoundation.org/

Later, loopers!

Ed in NJ