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New Chinapainting release - Night Blooming Cereus

Jim and I are super-proud to announce the release of our new duo CD, 
entitled Night Blooming Cereus. The title comes from a flower which only 
blooms once a year, at night. Our engineer (Pete Caigan, who rules) had 
this flower at his house close by the studio, and on the night of our 
tracking day, excitedly brought us inside to show off the bloom which 
happened to be flowering at that instant. It seemed to have a parallel 
to our rarely-together existence.

It's on the whole more meditative and quiet than our live shows have 
been, for whatever reason. Personally, I love it and consider it one of 
the best recordings I've been a part of. Samples and stuff here (it'll 
be on iTunes and eMusic in a few weeks):


Daryl Shawn