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link re: OT 100 top freeware plugins

Rick Walker wrote:
> For those who wish to process their looping in the computer
> environment,   the UK's COMPUTER MUSIC magazine has a
> special edition this month called 100 TOP FREEWARE PLUGINS.
Here's a link for anyone who can't find it in their local magazine shop:

> The magazine that comes with it has a bunch of tutorials on how to use 
> them.
> They put a tremendous amount of time, effort and thought into this 
> edition.
> I run a site at tribe.net called Audio Plugin Junkies that is devoted to
> freeware and shareware plugins and this is an incredible collection for
> both Mac and PC users.
> There is everything from free DAWs,  free Sound Editors,   free VST 
> plugins,
> free VSTi synths.   Most things are for PC but there is a lot of cool 
> Mac stuff too.
> It's just an amazing collection of stuff with a lot of information.
> Anyone who wants to get into computer music production has all the tools
> they want to use...........all for the cost of the magazine which
> was about $18  USD.
> What a world we live in!!!    This is a truly amazing edition of this 
> magazine.
> (I bought it, by the way and have no affiliation with the magazine 
> whatsoever,
> so this is not a commercial announcement)