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Re: Bringing loops in and out with an edp

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 5:09 PM, marcus kirby <marcusloops@gmail.com> wrote:
> It seems like I have to go the software route. This would include 
> selling my
> edp and buying a newer macbook pro (have an old blackbook), better 
> quality
> interface (motu ultralite right now), and some other things.
> Per, as you pretty happy with your decision to do this?


> For sound quality
> purposes, would running the laptop with mobius/sooperlooper be better in 
> the
> aux of a mixer?

"Better" - what does that mean? If working with a mixer I think it is
always better to keep the main signal as clean as possible and put
additional processing like looping, reverb and delay into an aux
effekt send/return loop. However there are sound precessing that works
better as an insert on the main channel and that would be anything
that is not additional but rather sound shaping (like distortion, EQ,
flanger etc).

Myself I stored my mixers away in a closet six years ago and use
software mixing and signal routing inside a laptop. It is exactly the
same thing; sending a signal somewhere, bring it back through an
effect of some sort, ducking another channels relative volume from a
third signal path's amplitude etc etc. It is just the old thing;
classic mixing and sound processing theory applied in music.

> I'm beyond frustrated. I want to use hardware loopers/effects, and have
> spent the last two months looking for a way to not use my laptop. I 
> think I
> have to give up that dream though.
> Would the lp1 or a few (maybe four) lp2s serve my needs and be somewhat 
> cost
> efficient?

The LP1 can run eight stereo channels in parallel. So you should be
able to set up eight loops and fade them in and out as you wish while
they all are running. Not like the EDP's concept of linear loops.
Whether it would be more cost efficient to buy a bunch of LP2s is up
for you to do the maths on ;-))