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Re: Bringing loops in and out with an edp

mark francombe wrote:

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 12:08 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk <mailto:akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>> wrote:

    ...and Expert Mode is a mystery, no-body knows who specified it,
    ...and nobody claims to be the relevant Expert ;-)
    ( discussing with Matt, we think it's some kind of an emulation
     of the Boomerang...we can tell you what it does...but not why

Go on then.. Tell us what it does!
Ive never figured it out... just puts the pedal backwards and the feedback knob er.. no thats wrong... er...
Actually I'm pretty glad others don't know either! I thought I was stupid!

ok, from memory or it's no fun.

When in Play mode feedback is 100%
When Overdubbing feedback is taken from the front panel knob,
or from the expression pedal if that is used.

..and when the EDP is in Sampleplay mode (loops called up directly
by midi note) the Expression pedal controls the Output Volume.

The "pedals backwards" thing is something called Flip Mode,
inspired by the pedal controlled ducking looper on the Vortex.
Kind of a soft version of Substitute.

Also: (getting away from the topic)
Does anyone actually use Insert? I give it a go every so often, but never have good results...

My favourite way is to set
tap in a very short loop (one beat),
and then each press of Insert increases the
loop length by an equal chunk of time.
Kind of similar to the 8th Replace thing, but with an ever expanding loop.
Nice to improvise while occasionally adding a beat to the loop.

With 2 EDPs in stereo config.....now brace yourself....
I also have a thing where I hit the Insert button on the panel
of the second EDP. Then the 2 EDP are in a polyrhythmic relationship
with one always being just one beat longer than the other.

I like the non-Quantised SUS Insert too, kind of a spider web rhythm
to play and keep adding to the loop. (a good trick at a loopfest when
everyone thinks you're a "song based" looper).
Stomping on Reverse and HSP
helps of course.

...and of course, everybody loves using Insert with StutterMode don't they?