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Re: For you software folks....what interface?

mark francombe wrote:

What does this mean please?

<advert snip>
*All the right I/O - and lots of it*
On the back panel of the Traveler-mk3, there are the four mic/line combo inputs, mentioned above, as well as four TRS analog inputs.

4 mic/line inputs (mics on XLR)
4 line inputs all will 8 accept 1/4in jack plugs, but none is good for plugging in a guitar directly

Analog outputs include eight TRS 24-bit connectors.

8 jack outputs, which we assure you of the highest quality

There are two optical banks, providing either 16 channels of AADAT at 48kHz, eight channels of S/MUX at 96kHz, or two banks of stereo TOSLink at up to 96kHz. The banks operate independently, so you can mix and match optical formats.

If you need another 8 inputs you can buy a (usually quite pricey) box
with an ADAT output and hook it up.

...and then you can do the same again for another 8.

What's more, RCA S/PDIF and XLR AES/EBU connectors are onboard, providing independent stereo digital I/O.

there's some sockets on the back that you don't need,
but see below *

There's also a 16-channel MIDI interface onboard.
</advert snip>

Remember I dont have any digital things (the Fireworx would have to go Im afraid, to afford it) apart from the Repeater that has a digi out Ive never tried...

* ahh, well I think you'd be able to plug the Repeater digi out into the Traveller if that helped.

HELP!! (But no hurry, its gonna take months before I can afford it...)

Have a look at the Focusrite stuff too,
a bit cheaper than RME  but still has good mic pre-amps
and a very flexible onboard mixing system accessible from software.