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Re: Boomerang III quick review

Mark Hamburg wrote:

You can indeed press stack while recording. That's where the tap-dance 
part comes in.

        Loop N switch to start recording
        Stack **** (possibly a hold if you use the default configuration)
        Loop N switch to finish loop and start stacking
        Stack to stop stacking

**** while it's unimportant where that first stack press is positioned in time it's worth trying putting it on an exact beat.
   It's then much easier to learn to get the whole process under muscle 

Todd Matthews wrote:
I did know that you can press stack while recording but that involves the
tap dancing while your trying to lay down,let's say, a rhythmically accurate loop.

;-) well, how long did it take you to learn to play your instrument?

one extra button press will take you 30mins to learn