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Re: Teasing Time

Well this sounds just lovely. Especially Mark's notion of weaving the 
rhythmic in and out of longer pads... expression pedal to control mix... 
and midi for time... yum :)

On Jun 11, 2011, at 9:14 PM, Rick Walker wrote:

> On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> I've been tempted to put together a DD-20 followed by an SL-20 to do 
>> long ambient loops that can then be rhythmatized, but having an M13, it 
>> seems like a better choice just to stick with that unless someone can 
>> convince me that the SL-20 is too amazing to pass up particularly given 
>> that the M13 supports half-speed and reverse.
> They are really such different beasts and different approaches.   To me,
> aesthetically, they are not even comparable (and the DD-20 is a really 
> great pedal, imho, though I don't own it).
> I think the SL-20 is very, very hip, myself.
> There are also a lot of what I would call  "Kotekan"  rhythms in the box 
> (thanks to Andy Butler for that term)
> which slice into even 'sub pulse' rhythms (or,  straight 16ths or 
> triplet 16ths)  and if you use the
> random slicing feature with a dummy plug in one channel, the randomized 
> left and right panning that occurs will
> throw out random rhythmic groupings that have a 'sub pulse' as a basis.
> This allows one to just listen and loop the results if you want 
> something besides the 100 or so preset rhythms that are included in the
> box.
> Additionally it has what I wish all pedals had,    a dry mix and an 
> effected mix which can be mixed and matched.
> This allows one to slowly morph a rubato ambient loop, subtly into a 
> pumping square wave styled rhythmic loop.
> The unit also allows for someone to change the attack fo the wave form 
> and length of the slices which can be very, very
> interesting to morph a very soft feeling rhythm into a very hard , 
> square wave rhythm.
> I really did the SL-2 and know nothing else that does what it does,  
> though I also love the
> GIG FX Chopper pedal which does other intersting (and polyrhtyhmic) 
> tremelos that can be mixed with pannings at
> different rates.
> rick walker