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Re: Something I just wanted to share with everyone

Because Todd used the "J" word-

"Americans love jazz , as long as it comes free with brunch"
          Lionel Hampton

In a world obsessed with the price of everything and the value of nothing, 
the creative people who bring the most to the table generally get the 
least in return for their efforts.For the most part (in reality) to be 
popular one must be a mediocrity, a quiet humble whore whose sole goal in 
life is to satisfy those folks who as Annette Peacock puts it "....cannot 
see beyond the tip of their own need"  Music and art exist for the greater 
good of all mankind but those who bring it into being must live and work 
in a world where most people are incapable of appreciating their work 
either fiscally or in any other fashion that would help further the 
artist's ability to live and create. Even if they do achieve "success" as 
an artist they must effectively control the business side of the coin or 
risk being taken to the cleaners by unethical associates in their pursuit 
of commerce. Like cranky old Fripp says "The first concern of the 
professional musician is business"  and if you've read any of his trials 
and tribulations connected to trying to obtain payment contractually owed 
to him over the many years, you'd have some clues as to how the system is 
screwed and you along with it. As to U2 (or "the ute" as I heard the late 
John Cunningham of Relativity once refer to them) they could barely play 
their instruments 30 plus years ago and they haven't really gotten any 
more adept at playing their instruments or composing music since then, 
perhaps especially "show tunes". But I don't have to buy their stuff or 
listen to them against my will, so I don't care, it's just sad that it 
qualifies as industry standard at this point in history. Must be time to 
practice...rant off.

                      bryan helm