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Re: LP1 tech question

All my gear is hooked up to the DM1000 with DI where necessary. I am playing chapman stick with separate preamps and amps. Signal goes from DM1000 input to balanced AUX SEND. If  I stay well within the boundaries of what the LP1 INPUT will tolerate, my OUTPUT signal is very weak. You are saying I should boost the return signal from the LP1. Am I reading you properly? Would I be better off using a mixer with unbalanced OUTPUTS?

ANtony Hequet

From: andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Sent: Thu, June 16, 2011 5:48:27 PM
Subject: Re: LP1 tech question

First suggestion would be give full details about how you're
connecting things up, where the signal is too weak, and where it distorts.

The LP1 won't match pro studio gear for headroom so you'll have to
go easy on the signal strength that you send to it and boost
the Lp1 outputs somewhat more than you'd expect with the mixer.

The Lp1 has a low noise floor, so apart from being awkward
there's no disadvantage to this.


antonyhequet@yahoo.com wrote:
> I am having problems interfacing my LP1 with new Yamaha DM1000 mixer. I used to take a unbalanced signal OUT from a Multiface and everything went smooth. Now I am using a balanced signal from the AUX OUT of the Yamaha. The signal is either too weak or immediately distorting heavily. Never managed to work it out... Any suggestions?
> Antony Hequet