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Re: Sound vs function

Pure Data is the free, openly available DNA of Max/MSP, which is now available as an integrated part of Ableton Live.  Live and Max for LIve  are NOT free, lol. However,  the two in tandem are pretty much the most powerful combination available, IMHO, and easily accomplish what you've cited below.  

Yes, do check out the demo of Pure Data for sure!  

Hi Marcus,

Well, I have never used Pure Data however one of the members of the electro-music community is presenting a "Pure Data" workshop/demo on Saturday, July 23 at the Kansas City Regional Electro-music festival:


Since we will stream the festival (at radio.electro-music.com) you might want to check out the demo and even submit questions/comments in the chatroom.

Of course, if you are in the area -- just drop by!

-- Kevin