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Re: Re: portalooper

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Dennis Moser wrote:
Don't know about the M9; I'll definitely take Jeff's word on that, but
I know first-hand that the DD-20 can handle the looping side up to 23
seconds ..
To me, for the hugest bang for the buck in a really small package (slightly larger than two boss styled single stomp box pedals, $400 USD) (three simultaneous multiple effects from all kinds of DSP processing.....modulation, reverbs, delays, filters, eqs distortions, specialty effects, etc. plus a 20 send looper with one level of undo and 1/2 speed/reverse capabilities)
I think the Line 6 M-9 is the single coolest piece of kit in the world.

If you can't take an instrument to a gig and only use this one effects pedal to make some serious music then
anything more expensive and fancier won't do it for you either.

I'm just sayin'.

rick walker