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Re: portalooper

Rick Walker wrote:
On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Dennis Moser wrote:
Don't know about the M9; I'll definitely take Jeff's word on that, but
I know first-hand that the DD-20 can handle the looping side up to 23
seconds ..
To me, for the hugest bang for the buck in a really small package

I think the Line 6 M-9 is the single coolest piece of kit in the world.

Well the Vox VDL-1 is certainly a contender, although it's pre-fx section
isn't any match for the line 6 stuff.

Loopwise it's much stronger, and pricewise somewhat leaner.

...may be a bit larger footprint.

If you can't take an instrument to a gig and only use this one effects pedal to make some serious music then
anything more expensive and fancier won't do it for you either.


tho' I'd curse the lack of Multiply