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KP3+FCB1010 vs. DD20+KP3

I am thinking about trying out the KP3 as a looper/loop mangler in my reggae/dub group. Problem is, I am a bass player and my hands are not free all the time to start/stop loops. I see that the KP3 has MIDI I/O, but I couldn't find anything in the manual or the MIDI implementation chart in regards to the looper program being able to start/stop loops. Does anyone know if I can use an FCB1010 to control that? 

My other thought was to just get a looper, like the DD20 (i need a delay pedal anyways) and use it for the start/stopping of loops and then just use the KP3 to mangle. two positives of this is that I have a cool new delay pedal, and also I can use all the KP3 effects, and not just the looper+FX patches. The negative is more money to spend, and more batteries/power supplies to deal with. 

Any thoughts?