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Re: KP3+FCB1010 vs. DD20+KP3

On Jun 17, 2011, at 11:06 AM, Charlie M wrote:

> My other thought was to just get a looper, like the DD20 (i need a delay 
> pedal anyways) and use it for the start/stopping of loops and then just 
> use the KP3 to mangle. two positives of this is that I have a cool new 
> delay pedal, and also I can use all the KP3 effects, and not just the 
> looper+FX patches. The negative is more money to spend, and more 
> batteries/power supplies to deal with. 

I've similarly thought about the DD-20 as a nice little pedal that gets 
good reviews as a looper though that said I gather most people loop with 
it in long delay mode and it lacks a hold function. Still it could be a 
good choice for building up a loop and then letting it fade away by 
bypassing the effect but letting the loop play on. (Which actually is a 
hold effect if you set feedback to 100% but then you have other issues if 
you do want to evolve the loop...)

The downside I have since realized to the simple looper + mangler is that 
some of these pedals (DD-20, Line6 M9/13) won't let you mute the input 
which means that the input signal is also getting mangled. That can be 
addressed with still more pedals to do the appropriate routing, but it 
starts to get pretty messy particularly if you want a stereo signal flow. 
Still, based on reports elsewhere on this list, it seems like one could 
have a lot of fun with two DD-20s plus a mangler of some sort (e.g., KP3, 
SL-20, etc).