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Re: portalooper

My Y2KX setup was something like:

Way Huge Swollen Pickle -> Lovepedal Pickle Vibe -> Lovepedal Eternity -> 
M13 -> Tech21 Blonde & Liverpool in parallel -> M13.

(I can't remember where the volume pedal was or whether I had my Weeping 
Demon Wah in the chain.)

This was much more portable than previous rigs. The M9 would be a nice 
replacement from the standpoint of getting something that would sit on a 
single pedal board though I would lose the effects loop. As it was, I had 
a pedal board with everything except the M13 but including the expression 
pedals for the M13 on it plus the M13. That was still easy to move around 
and setup.

It was interesting looping with the M13 instead of a pair of Echoplexes.

The recording from Y2KX is here:


I've been succumbing to more and more of an analog signal path in the past 
several months, but I could easily see a minimalist rig built around the 
M13 and one or two of the Tech21 amp sim pedals depending on whether one 
wanted to go stereo. That would presumably all fit on a big Pedaltrain and 
the effects loop means that you can have effects both pre-amp-sim and 
post-amp-sim. You could also do this with the M9, but it gets more 
constrained without the effects loop.

On the other hand, when it comes to portable loopers, as I mentioned last 
weekend, the Boomerang III is amazingly compact. Now, if only it didn't 
require complex foot choreography to create a seamless loop by going 
straight from record into overdub.


P.S. No looping capabilities, but even as I move to more analog effects, 
the M5 looks tempting as a way to have a range of less used effects on 
hand early in the chain. For example, I miss the Sub Octave Fuzz and the 
Jet Fuzz.

P.P.S. The thing that may keep my rack alive is that I don't know of 
anything yet to replace some of the background tinkly ambience effects I 
get from the Korg AM8000R. The various shimmers and particle verb effects 
aren't quite the same.

On Jun 17, 2011, at 1:08 PM, tEd ® kiLLiAn wrote:

> I have to say, I agree.
> In my "alt" small portable rig the M13 is quite nice - if your plug it 
> in to a tube amp.
> Direct to a PA (or board) without an amp is a recipe for true 
> tone-suck-ville . . . believe me I've tried.
> But one of those little SansAmp pedals in front of it perks up the tone 
> quite nicely (advice received from a number of peeps on LD).
> I am through hauling around heavy amps and cabs anymore.
> I won't say I'm a tone snob, but I used to work for Seymour Duncan, and 
> tone is important to me.
> I never actually thought much of SansAmp stuff untill I tried it with 
> the M13.
> And I hated the tone I was getting (direct) with the M13 alone until I 
> did.
> I am still having too much fun with my MaxMSP rig these days to bother 
> too much with the little rig at home though.I am in sonic nirvana.
> Ted
> On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 11:37 AM, Daniel Thomas wrote:
>> ...As long as you pump it into a good tube amp, the sounds are quite 
>> good.  Inspiring even. And I never liked the sound of models before....