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Re: portalooper

On Jun 18, 2011, at 11:23 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> I've been succumbing to more and more of an analog signal path in the 
> past several months, but I could easily see a minimalist rig built 
> around the M13 and one or two of the Tech21 amp sim pedals depending on 
> whether one wanted to go stereo. That would presumably all fit on a big 
> Pedaltrain and the effects loop means that you can have effects both 
> pre-amp-sim and post-amp-sim. You could also do this with the M9, but it 
> gets more constrained without the effects loop.

Thinking about it more and I keep coming back to M13 + 1-2 Tech21 
Character Series pedals + Volume pedal (why waste an effect) + 2 
Expression pedals as probably one of the best choices for a minimalist 
system. You can upgrade to an Ethos or other fancier amp sim if money 
isn't an issue (and you can get one). You can go with an M9 if less signal 
routing flexibility and less direct access to functions is acceptable.

If you really wanted to go minimalist, one of the new Line6 floor PODs 
would be even more self-contained.

All of this presumes that the feature set on the Line6 looper works for 

Which makes it all the more odd that the M13 is drifting into disuse in my 
rig as I go with more individual effects.