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Re: Kannon the Merciful

First of all thanks for the inquiry,
 i think I have described this before but if not here goes.
Before I start to play I record an empty loop on track 1 ( simply don't play while I hit record and the stop), This determines my master track length and also sends clock information to my time based effects so they are in sync. The lp-1 has a feature where by if I go to another track and press a play/stop, it will arm that track to the same length as the master, I proceed to arm 4 or 5 tracks in that way before I've started to record. I start the improv back on track 1, where I use quantize replace set to a value 16 to gradually build the first loop in to a percolating sequence of notes related to my I chord and basic tonal center. I proceed to track to where I started to build harmonies based of a IV chord of the same key, again using quantize replace with the same value. Once I have built this new track I stop it and let the initial track I play un accompanied. I repeat the same proceedure for a V chord and a minor VI. Once I have 4 different tracks of harmony content recorded, I may choose to add a percussive guit-box part on either track 5 or track 8. Once I've done that I move to a set of 4 group command presets where I can freely move from one group to the other. Each group contains one of tracks 1 through 4 plus tracks 5-8 where I put any tracks that I want to continue to play from one group select to another, example: group 1 contains track 1 and tracks 5-8, group 2 contains track 2 and 5-8, etc.. . so what I'm doing harmonically is pretty basic stuff, creating a I chrod on track 1, IV chord on track 2 etc but I'm using quantize replace alot to create the rythmic sequences and the use of a line 6 volume swell effect allows me to have a volume pedal like control when my feet are busy doing other things. This also allows for quantized captures of guitar sounds with out a percussive attack which makes for a smoother sounding sequencer effect. I might have beed doing some fireworx post processing but if so it was similar delay poly rythmns and panning effects, maybe some pitch shift, But most all of my pitch shift stuff and reverse stuff comes from track speed manipulation...

lastly in order to do this technique one must first travel to Clarksdale Mississippi, where after consulting with the locals, you are directed to a cross roads, where you might have to sit and wait for a while, but eventually a guy named Dr Bill Z Bub will mossy along at which time you will be encouraged to strike a deal with him that involves what ever you want in exchange for your immortal soul. not a bad deal if you ask me.