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Re: rocktron midimate

Recommend that you stick with Midi NOTES.  I found CC and PC difficult to 
manage in Mobius.  The Brilliant Per may have insights that would have 
made this easier for me... 

On Jun 24, 2011, at 11:21 AM, Alexandre Klinke wrote:

> Hello loopers,
> After my FCB1010 broke, I decided to get a different midi pedal.
> It was suggested to me to get a Rocktron Midimate. My question is if I
> can do the same kind of setup I'm used to with this pedal.
> I loop using either Sooperlooper or Mobius as a plugin in Ableton Live.
> My FCB was programmed to send midi notes, so they work as on/off 
> switches.
> I noticed the rocktron doesn't send midi notes. Is there a way for me
> to program this pedal and get the same results using CC and PC
> messages?
> Thanks!!
> Alex
> alexandreklinke.bandcamp.com