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Ambience and the M13

As in ambience behind the main signal.

I continue to love my Korg AM8000R, but it's a rack unit and that makes 
things less mobile, so today I decided to try to push my Line6 M13 harder. 
The verdict is that I miss some things from the Korg -- pitch shifting 
delays with feedback especially, stepped phasers to a lesser extent -- but 
chain together 3 or 4 careful chosen effects all set to 100% wet and one 
can get a fairly nice ambient vibe going. The Obi Wah is a good substitute 
for the stepped phasers, for example.

This is an area where the M13 seems to win over the M9: One more effect 
and you can see all of the live effects at once for tweakage.

The downside, of course, is size.

And then there's the matter of really needing to run this sort of chain 
100% wet which means that there are routing issues to deal with.

Still, I am starting to see how it could be very appealing to use the M13 
as an ambient looper either on the floor or raised up onto a stand for 
easier tweakage.


P.S. Something I haven't tried yet, but it occurs to me: You can put the 
looper anywhere you want in the signal chain if you use the effects loop. 
You put your pre-loop effects in the later slots, put your input into the 
FX send before these effects, then feed your output to the input, run the 
looper pre-FX, and use the effects send as the output.

Instrument -> FX Return -> Pre-loop FX -> Output -> Input -> Looper -> 
Post-loop FX -> FX Send -> Amplifier/Mixer/...