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Re: Please, recommend me a midi/foot controller for Looperlative LP-1

This is exactly what the Gordius controllers are good for!

You can also implement EDP type longpress/shortpress combinations.

Get something cheaper, but you won't find anything
that's better value for money.


On 04/01/2014 00:28, Matt Rowe wrote:
Hi LD,

I'm interested in replacing an FCB1010 that controls my LP-1.

I would really like to be able to program the LP-1 to respond to one 
sequence when a pedal is pressed, and a second sequence when a pedal is 
released.  Something like:

Toe down:
1) Turn on overdub
2) Drop feedback to about 70%

Toe up
1) Turn off overdub
2) Return feedback to 100%

(AKA: "expert mode" on the EDP)

Unfortunately, "note off" is not an incoming message that the LP-1 
responds to...  Otherwise I could just use note on/off events from the FCB1010.

I'm guessing the Gordius Little Giant can do something like this.  Are 
there any options that are a little more cost effective (and more 
available for purchase?).

Has anyone else figured out a workaround for something like this?