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Line6 Echo Pro Looper Help?

hello, i've brought out the echo pro after some time.

i previously used DL4 for my looping and the echo pro for delay programs, so never properly used the echopro looper function. i'm finally giving it a whirl.

like most DL4 users, i overuse the halfspeed and reverse options for atmospheric stuff..

im attempting to replicate that usage with the echo pro but i seem to be having an issue when putting a loop into halfspeed. mostly it works as expected however, sometimes the halfspeed light comes on but it does nothing to the loop... when i press halfspeed again my loop is now in 2x speed chipmunk mode. this is obviously pretty frustrating when i specifically want to use one or the other...

i've setup 5 x PC switches within a bank on my rocktron all access midi pedal as follows:

sw1 = looper reset PC126
sw2 = rec/play/stop/play PC101
sw3 = rec/stop/play/stop PC102
sw4 = halfspeed PC108
sw5 = reverse PC109

i am not sure if it is something to do with the length of the loop i make, or the point in playback at which i engage halfspeed but ive done numerous tests and seen different results for the same test many times which is confusing.

ive found a few loop attempt tests where i rec/play a 4 bar loop and hit halfspeed almost straight away and instead of halfspeed it plays 2x almost every time.

is this halfspeed quirk a known issue or is my unit acting up? were there any firmware updates to the echo pro? is my midi usage wrong? should i use CC? how can i get around this?

additionally, i dont want any effect on my looper. I've setup program 99 as the looper with time/echo/repeats dialed down to 0 and this is the program i bring up. however it doesn't seem to play nicely with looper reset, which im using to reset/refresh things between recording a loops i make using PC101.

when pressing PC126, it seems to reset my saved program 99 to the looper default settings with time at 0.5sec and echo & repeats on etc. how can i stop that? or what is the proper usage for calling up the looper and having no effect on it, as well as for recording and playing and clearing of my loop to record fresh again? basically, what midi options should i use to most simply recreate my DL4 usage which is simple as hell?