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Re: Line6 Echo Pro Looper Help?

well this is not a fix per say, but the TC Ditto x2 is essentially the 
same function ( without the delays and once only feature) as the DL-4, has 
both reverse and half speed and a much longer loop recording time, and and 
undo function.
On Mar 28, 2015, at 11:03 PM, Syd <syd@summerwinter.com> wrote:

> hello, i've brought out the echo pro after some time.
> i previously used DL4 for my looping and the echo pro for delay 
> programs, so never properly used the echopro looper function. i'm 
> finally giving it a whirl. 
> like most DL4 users, i overuse the halfspeed and reverse options for 
> atmospheric stuff.. 
> im attempting to replicate that usage with the echo pro but i seem to be 
> having an issue when putting a loop into halfspeed. mostly it works as 
> expected however, sometimes the halfspeed light comes on but it does 
> nothing to the loop... when i press halfspeed again my loop is now in 2x 
> speed chipmunk mode. this is obviously pretty frustrating when i 
> specifically want to use one or the other...
> i've setup 5 x PC switches within a bank on my rocktron all access midi 
> pedal as follows: 
> sw1 = looper reset PC126 
> sw2 = rec/play/stop/play PC101 
> sw3 = rec/stop/play/stop PC102 
> sw4 = halfspeed PC108 
> sw5 = reverse PC109 
> i am not sure if it is something to do with the length of the loop i 
> make, or the point in playback at which i engage halfspeed but ive done 
> numerous tests and seen different results for the same test many times 
> which is confusing. 
> ive found a few loop attempt tests where i rec/play a 4 bar loop and hit 
> halfspeed almost straight away and instead of halfspeed it plays 2x 
> almost every time.
> is this halfspeed quirk a known issue or is my unit acting up? were 
> there any firmware updates to the echo pro? is my midi usage wrong? 
> should i use CC? how can i get around this? 
> additionally, i dont want any effect on my looper. I've setup program 99 
> as the looper with time/echo/repeats dialed down to 0 and this is the 
> program i bring up. however it doesn't seem to play nicely with looper 
> reset, which im using to reset/refresh things between recording a loops 
> i make using PC101. 
> when pressing PC126, it seems to reset my saved program 99 to the looper 
> default settings with time at 0.5sec and echo & repeats on etc. how can 
> i stop that? or what is the proper usage for calling up the looper and 
> having no effect on it, as well as for recording and playing and 
> clearing of my loop to record fresh again? basically, what midi options 
> should i use to most simply recreate my DL4 usage which is simple as 
> hell?