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A couple of strange EDP things

Haven't used my EDPs for a while, a recent bash had a couple of odd issues, 1 that Ive had before I think?

First, overdubs are coming in too loud, I think when i OD the level is backed off a bit but this doesnt happen and the overdub is really loud and tends to distort, is this just levels going in? too high? too low? I try to have level in as loud as possible. 

Secondly, I have one preset that whenever I go to it, one of my EDPs (I have 2 set as stereo, with the exact same presets set to both so when I change presets they both change) the feedback on one of them seems to be set to OFF or 1 repeat. So I get one loop in stereo and then one side drops out. If I then manually twist the feedback knob down and up (its always set to FULL) and then UNDO the layer comes back.. no problem... 
I have tried re saving the preset with full feedback but it still happens... What the ???

Also additional ramble...
I know EDPs are a bit lofi by todays standards, but when I watch Andres La Fosses recent videos, his loops seem crystal clear, mine seem a bit... 12 bitty..