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Re: OT: Space

Yes! I'll play a Rhodes with all the highs rolled off..Rock on Mud Mafia! A bonus of this band also is all the PA speakers can have blown tweaters and it doesn't matter. ;)

On Mar 25, 2016 11:59 PM, "bill walker" <wildbillwalker@icloud.com> wrote:
  Great posts Rick and Per, things every looping person should know, I have always preferred single coil or should I say noiseless single coils for the very reason that they don't crowd the midrange and layer better in band and looping contexts.  Which gets me to the next subject.  I'm wondering if Either of you would be interested in joining my new band, Mud Mafia, or if thats already taken the MidRangers, either way we would just play in the midrange , I mean, screw the bass and treble, those frequencies are so last century.We'd use lots of nasally overdrives and fuzzes, and plenty of cocked wah sounds, and  graphic eq's set to frown face !  Oh and Les Paul's  heavy ones with high output pickups. We'd play as loud as the Melvin's, it would be epic!!!! Any one else interested ??? brass and woodwinds are welcome as long as they aren't flutes or piccolos, soprano sax or pocket trumpets, tubas ….. I figure there might be room for three or four more guitars.
Whose with me