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Re: OT: Space

...or PA speakers can be rigged directly on the ground, cones side down. 

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 1:46 PM, Josh Elliott <jrelliott500@gmail.com> 
> Yes! I'll play a Rhodes with all the highs rolled off..Rock on Mud 
> Mafia! A
> bonus of this band also is all the PA speakers can have blown tweaters 
> and
> it doesn't matter. ;)
> On Mar 25, 2016 11:59 PM, "bill walker" <wildbillwalker@icloud.com> 
> wrote:
>>   Great posts Rick and Per, things every looping person should know, I
>> have always preferred single coil or should I say noiseless single 
>> coils for
>> the very reason that they don't crowd the midrange and layer better in 
>> band
>> and looping contexts.  Which gets me to the next subject.  I'm 
>> wondering if
>> Either of you would be interested in joining my new band, Mud Mafia, or 
>> if
>> thats already taken the MidRangers, either way we would just play in the
>> midrange , I mean, screw the bass and treble, those frequencies are so 
>> last
>> century.We'd use lots of nasally overdrives and fuzzes, and plenty of 
>> cocked
>> wah sounds, and  graphic eq's set to frown face !  Oh and Les Paul's  
>> heavy
>> ones with high output pickups. We'd play as loud as the Melvin's, it 
>> would
>> be epic!!!! Any one else interested ??? brass and woodwinds are welcome 
>> as
>> long as they aren't flutes or piccolos, soprano sax or pocket trumpets,
>> tubas ….. I figure there might be room for three or four more guitars.
>> Whose with me
>> Bill