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EAR Magazine, printed publications, Bay Area concerts & days of yore

hello loopers! this is my first post back on the list, i was last here many many years ago. it's good to see the list is still around and active.

today i was reading the latest edition of TapeOp Magazine and recalled another, EAR Magazine:


i have such fond memories growing up in the Bay Area and reading EAR Magazine, it left me with a strong interest in and appreciation of interesting creative music and sound. along with Charles Amirkhanian's (remember Other Minds' "Brian Eno Day"?) radio show for KPFA, and Canadian magazine Musicworks (https://www.musicworks.ca/).

however, since it's collapse in 1991 i haven't seen anything similar. now we have email lists like this one which is great, but personally i love a printed magazine. i miss particularly the concert listings of contemporary and experimental music throughout the Bay Area. every time i read the concert and event listings in the back of The Wire, most of which are in England, i wish for something similar for the West Coast.

i'm curious if others on the list remember this magazine? if so, what impact did it have on you?

is there anything comparable out today? i don't know of any, but i would love to be educated about if if something does exist. i feel like the creative/experimental Bay Area music scene has declined since 1991. despite living in the "internet age", with its promise of easy access to information, there does not seem to be a lot available about adventurous musical goings on. or, more depressingly, perhaps there just isn't much going on to talk about any more.

not to say there's nothing.. of course we have the loopfest, Outsound, now and then Stanford (or CCRMA) has something, and KFJC of course. there's some online resources (some of those links are now 404 not found):

but no physical, printed magazine to touch and hold and save. aside from the events listings EAR Magazine had very interesting printed scores for new music and interviews on a great range of topics.

maybe i'm just being pessimistic or sentimental/nostalgic. curious to hear what others think.


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Jeff Blanding