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Re: Would love your input, stories, suggestions

hi Amy :-)

On 03/10/2016 05:29, Amy X Neuburg wrote:
b) any constructive suggestions for this group of professionals. How might 
they support artists who are dependent on their products? How might they 
continue to develop new products but keep us happy as well, and make this 
profitable? What about trying harder to keep upgrades compatible with 
older software/hardware?
Allow flexible routing of audio, midi, tempo information and anything else 
for that matter.
Don't second guess what the artist wants.
For instance, in a vst host the user may want to send unfiltered midi data 
a vst fx plugin and have the host respond to tempo set by that plugin.

Worst thing for user is when that beloved bit of hardware that 'didn't 
really sell'
doesn't have drivers for the latest (or 2nd latest) OS.
Maybe you have that 'genius programmer' who could recompile the drivers
for legacy gear....probably wouldn't take them that long. That's how
to make people love your company.


Don't know if you realise this, but tech support is a real issue these 
It's an oft repeated story that some user contacts official tech support to
find only frustration. If lucky they end up contacting individuals who are
in no way connected to the producer of the hardware/software but 
are expert enough to advise them.
Be aware, with the complex tech of today there's
inevitably things that aren't covered in the manual, there are people who 
that out, and there are often people who found a solution to the user's 
Those outsider experts are effectively forming the part of your team that 
is missing.

Latency and Jitter:
really, you need to give figures for both.
Every product with "ultra low latency" receives a sceptical response.

Are there options to having to purchase new laptops every few years?

Yes, people will often keep the old stuff going.