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Re: Would love your input, stories,

After 17 years of using FL Studio (without ever having to pay for an upgrade) they just changed their GUI for version 12.0; right in the middle of a project I'm in
I made the foolish decision to upgrade (it's free because I own it).
It has totally thrown me for a loop.

Ironically, I'm going to go looking for an illegal copy of an older version to re-install it.

My studio is also on Win 7 which works like a charm.
I kept hearing horror stories about Win 8 and haven't particularly liked the
desktop structure of either 8 or 10.

On top of that, I have some beautiful old VSTs that haven't been made for 15 years
and I'm afraid of upgrading to 10 for fear they won't work.

Oh well, I have a system now that I can make recordings on for the rest of my life, so
I'm probably not going to upgrade anything unless I am forced to.

Rick Walker