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Re: Would love your input, stories,

Hello Richard how are things going for you and haley at Glasswing? the
Roland GM-70 synth rackmount you sent me endedup being for a keyboard
but im still confused how to get it up and running for guitars because
it has guitar inputs as well and tech friend assures me its made for
piano type synth... my boomerang + is too expensive to get
repaired/shipped but miss it the most... getting by with Line6 POD
hd500 & a Boss ME 25 but want to eventually get a stereo
boomerang/sidecar setup to integrate into existing setup... still
chipping away at new prototype guitars im building when i can...
Namaste Abwoon D Bawashmaya

On 10/4/16, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> After 17 years of using FL Studio (without ever having to pay for an
> upgrade)
> they just changed their GUI for version 12.0;    right in the middle of
> a project I'm in
> I made the foolish decision to upgrade (it's free because I own it).
> It has totally thrown me for a loop.
> Ironically,  I'm going to go looking for an illegal copy of an older
> version to re-install it.
> My studio is also on Win 7 which works like a charm.
> I kept hearing horror stories about Win 8  and haven't particularly
> liked the
> desktop structure of either 8 or 10.
> On top of that, I have some beautiful old VSTs that haven't been made
> for 15 years
> and I'm afraid of upgrading to 10 for fear they won't work.
> Oh well, I have a system now that I can make recordings on for the rest
> of my life, so
> I'm probably not going to upgrade anything unless I am forced to.
> Rick Walker