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Re: Would love your input, stories,

Hi Amy , Im a Mobius user as well going on 3 years +. Recently after 
resisting changing operating systems on my Macbook because I had heard 
some issues of instability with Mobius,  I was forced to do so, because 
other Mac apps I use regularly where crashing and no longer being 
upgraded. Much to my horror I had skipped a couple of operating system 
changes ( completely missed Yosemite and maybe one of the cats) and went 
strait to El Capitan. Being a former rock climber and frequent visitor to 
Yosemite as a kid, The El Capitan metaphor was not lost on me, as at first 
trying to use Mobius exhibited scary cliff hanger behavior in the form of  
erratic screen visuals, the red track record indicator wheels  would fail 
to appear or stick or be sluggish, etc even though I was actually being 
able to record. After 5-7 minutes it would stabilize and the visuals would 
return to normal, but anytime I rebooted it would exhibit the same 
behavior. I still haven’t cured the problem but I found a work around 
where if I open Mobius, go to the configuration menu, drop down to audio 
devices and click ok, Mobius acts just fine, but I have to perform that 
little move every time I boot up Mobius. Im tempted to try and solve the 
issue but I don’t have the computer chops to do so nor the time to spend 
doing it. I’m also at a point where I have things I'd rather do than learn 
a new operating system. Too Much Techy and not enough Twangy.  Its all 
gotten too complex for my shrinking brain,