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the Looper's Delight Messenger Room conference call?

Hello. Some of you may remember that on June 2, 2012, I tried setting
up a Looper's Delight conference call; ultimately, only a few people
showed up. Some other users predicted this, saying that Looper's
Delight is an international community, so an American phone number
would make the call very limited. Well, recently, Facebook rolled out
a new feature; Messenger Rooms! More user-friendly than Google
Hangouts or Zoom, believe it or not, Messenger Rooms can be used even
by people who don't have a Facebook account; if you have a link to a
room, Facebook account or not, you can click it and sign in. I think
the main difference between people with and without Facebook accounts
is that, if you don't have an account and you click the room link, it
will ask you to type in your name, but if you have an account, the
name is automatically set to the name on your Facebook account. So who
wants to try the Looper's Delight conference call again, this time
with the newly developed, fresh out of 2020 Messenger Rooms