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The 21st ANNiVERSARY iNTERNATiONAL PiNG - August 26th & 28th

August 26th & 28th . 9pm ET . FREE

After 500 shows, here comes the PiNG's 21st Anniversary event!

With THE AMBiENT PiNG's move to online events (to maintain
safe social distancing), we thought it would be a great opportunity
to invite artists from far-away cities to play the PiNG - without them
having to travel all the way to Toronto. The response was wonderful,
so there will be two (free) shows premiering performance videos
from around the world for our 21st Anniversary event - plus live sets
by our "house band" URM!  Tune in and turn on at

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Day 1 - Wednesday August 26th at 9pm ET, features transmissions
from artists who have played the PiNG in past years:
Paul Kwitek (Lublin, Poland), Aidan Baker (Berlin, Germany),
Lorne David Thomson (Bangkok, Thailand), and
Weep, O' Mine Eyes [Michael Weicker] (Calgary, Canada).

Day 2 - Friday August 28th at 9pm ET, brings sound+vision from
Matthew Florianz (Cambridge, UK), dreamSTATE (Toronto, Canada)
with Rob Hoare (Berlin, Germany), Igneous Flame [Pete Kelly] (York, UK),
Chuck van Zyl (Upper Darby, USA), & Jaja [Jana Rockstroh] (Wuppertal, Germany).

A free Twitch.tv account is not needed to stream the events, but
if you do sign-up, you'll be able to participate in the chat-room on the side
(and subscribe to the PiNG's channel). We always love to hear from folks
near & far. You can sign-up in advance too, so you can just chill at show-time.

If you can't tune in during the time we're live in space, or if you
just want to watch again, https://www.twitch.tv/ambientping
archives the show for two weeks after the event.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aidan Baker - Berlin, Germany - www.aidanbaker.org
Aidan was one of the first artists to play the PiNG back in 1999.
He's played solo and with many groups, some even formed at the
PiNG, like ARC and Whisper Room. In 2002 he played a wicked trio
set with Alan Bloor (Knurl, Pholde) and his father Thomas Baker!

dreamSTATE (Scott M2 + Jamie Todd) - Toronto, Canada - www.dreamstate.to
dreamSTATE were also among the earliest groups to play the PiNG
and in 2000 began to curate it too. 21 years later they're still finding
new ways to weave their electronic scapes, drones, and grooves.

Matthew Florianz - Cambridge, UK - www.matthewflorianz.com
Back in 1999, when the PiNG was beginning, Matthew, then based in
the Netherlands, was releasing his first albums of sparse, powerful
soundscapes and has created many genre classics like Grijsgebied.
He has since developed a parallel path in music creation for games & film.

Rob Hoare - Berlin, Germany - www.robhoare.de
Multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Rob Hoare has played the PiNG
many times in the past. He will be represented virtually in
dreamSTATE's piece with a poem he emailed from Berlin, plus
granulated samples of his flute and guitar playing extracted from
his set with them for the Drone Cycle 2012.

Igneous Flame (Pete Kelly) - York, UK - www.luminasounds.com
Pete Kelly has released both long-form ethereal ambient music
and succinct rhythmic works. His favoured instruments are the
fretless / fretted rhythm and lead guitars and fretless bass.

Jaja (Jana Rockstroh) - Wuppertal, Germany - www.jajamusic.space
Jaja is known for her deeply atmospheric space music. She records
each piece as a live performance on her Roland synthesizers but her
PiNG contribution is the first time she's been filmed performing one.

Paul Kwitek -  Lublin, Poland - www.paulkwitek.com
After studying music and technology in Canada, Paul returned to
Poland, but the PiNG has been fortunate to host his performances
when he visits. Paul's love of nature is prominent in his work, which
often features field recordings & his nature photography and films.

Lorne David Thomson - Bangkok, Thailand - 
Since moving from Toronto to Thailand, Lorne's music has grown
even deeper ambient spaces and shifted to a committed "DAWless"
approach to recordings. Besides analog synthesizers, he employs
guitars, guitar synths and electric mandolin in his music creations.

URM (Jamie Todd) - Etobicoke, Canada - www.urm.ca
Jamie's URM solo project features layers of virtual electronics,
to build deep dronescapes, rippling sequences and throbbing beats.
He'll be performing real-time sets for both Anniversary shows.

Chuck van Zyl - Upper Darby, USA - www.chuckvanzyl.weebly.com
Chuck has played the PiNG twice before with ambient synth/guitar duo
The Ministry Of Inside Things. In recent years, he has been travelling
farther and farther into the solo Berlin-inspired electronic space he 
Chuck is also a founder of Philadelphia's long-running The Gathering
concert series and is the host of the Star's End radio program.

Weep, O' Mine Eyes (Michael Weicker) - Calgary, Canada - www.weepomineeyes.com
While PiNG audiences will best remember Michael's performances
in Toronto from his Eigenharp playing - over the years (since 1984)
he has created his music with analog synthesizers, drum machines,
eastern hand drums & found objects such as metal canisters & power tools.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THE AMBiENT PiNG is a Toronto based creative community of
audio artists, performers, musicians and visual artists. The PiNG
presents live multimedia performances featuring ambient, electronic,
soundscape, space, drone, psychedelic, chillout, downtempo,
darkwave and experimental artists from around the world.

The PiNG also has a Twitter account to send you advance updates
and reminders of the when & where of future PiNG events.
Just search for ambientping to find us. http://twitter.com

We're on facebook too:
or Search for THE AMBiENT PiNG: http://www.facebook.com

Instagrammers - Use the hashtag #ambientping on your PiNG
photos and videos to help document these performances!

A DRONE:KLUB Bandcamp page has been created with
free albums of music to stream, download and share.

AMBiENT PiNG LiVE streams

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please forward this e-mail to any interested friends or
appropriate blogs, forums or newsgroups. Thanks.