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Free MIDI-Software for BOSS RC-50 / BOSS RC-300

Hi looper community,
I wrote a little program called "MIDI Assistant" which might be useful for most RC-50 and also RC-300 users. Probably it can be used with some other MIDI-capable loopers too.
The Software can automatically send MIDI-messages in Sync with the perfomance (the looper must send a MIDI-Start-Message and permanent MIDI-Clock Messages - like the RC50), and so it automates functions which usually must be triggered by pushing a pedal. I want to share this tool with the community, so I write this here. It is described and downloadable for free at my website:
There are also a lot of Tips and Tricks for the RC-50 - please check.
I think it cannot be that I am the first who tried to automate looper functions through MIDI (but I liked the challenge to write my own software for this). Does anyone know a similar software which already can do the same?
Thanks, Robert