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Re: the Looper's Delight Messenger Room conference call?

I think a free account allows up to 50 users.

On 8/24/20, Ted Killian <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:
> Interesting.
> I have use FB to video-chat with my son in Europe.
> So I believe this could possibly work.
> I wonder though, if more than few showed up, would there be bandwidth
> issues? it?
> All you can do is give it a try.
> Best regards,
> Ted Killian
> 1811 Patrick Street
> Medford, OR 97504-4775
> (Mobile) 541-890-6225
> (email) tedkillian@charter.net
> (web) tedkillian.com
>> On Aug 24, 2020, at 1:45 PM, Tyler Zahnke <programmer651@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> you may remember that on June 2, 2012, I tried setting
>> up a Looper's Delight conference call; ultimately, only a few people
>> showed up. Some other users predicted this, saying that Looper's
>> Delight is an international community, so an American phone number
>> would make the call very limited. Well, recently, Facebook rolled out
>> a new feature; Messenger Rooms! More user-friendly than Google
>> Hangouts or Zoom, believe it or not, Messenger Rooms can be used even
>> by people who don't have a Facebook account; if you have a link to a
>> room, Facebook account or not, you can click it and sign in. I think
>> the main difference between people with and without Facebook accounts
>> is that, if you don't have an account and you click the room link, it
>> will ask you to type in your name, but if you have an account, the
>> name is automatically set to the name on your Facebook account. So who
>> wants to try the Looper's Delight conference call again, this time
>> with the newly developed, fresh out of 2020 Messenger Rooms
>> technology?