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Midi looping

As a long time midi user and looper I recently moved over to Logic Audio
for a few key reasons (related to looping):

Real time tweaking of all sound parmeters without stopping. Cubase has this

Unique to Logic: A mode in which you can track as many takes as you like in
"loop" mode, where the previous takes are muted, and you are automatically
moved to the next track, so you have a virtual looper/multi track. After
recording all the takes you want, you can unmute, quantize, change sound
parameters, etc. without stopping. This feature alone sold me on Logic,
despite its reputation as having a steep learning curve.

Unfortunately you can't do the same recording with audio, but what audio
tracks are already recorded can loop along with the midi. And the sample
editor makes it easy to find loops in 'free improvised' material in real
time in a similar manner as Recycle does.

Any more questions or comments on this, shoot.

Portland, OR USA