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Re: Midi looping

At 2:52 PM -0700 7/13/97, Neil Goldstein wrote:
>As a long time midi user and looper I recently moved over to Logic Audio
>for a few key reasons (related to looping):
>Real time tweaking of all sound parmeters without stopping. Cubase has 
>Unique to Logic: A mode in which you can track as many takes as you like 
>"loop" mode, where the previous takes are muted, and you are automatically
>moved to the next track, so you have a virtual looper/multi track. After
>recording all the takes you want, you can unmute, quantize, change sound
>parameters, etc. without stopping. This feature alone sold me on Logic,
>despite its reputation as having a steep learning curve.

Do you think this would be useful to actually create, manipulate, and
generally perform looping in a live context? (making the process the
performance, rather than a final result) Are the realtime tools available
compelling enough to make this interesting? Or is it more geared to
composing and recording in the studio?   (same questions for the previously
mentioned MOTU Freestyle)

One thing I really like about the jamman/echoplex/boomerang style of looper
is the immediacy of it - they are very easy and intuitive for improvising
and performing. Are any of the midi looping tools out there well geared to
that sort of approach? I'd really like to experiment with this more.


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