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Re: Plex

At 9:40 PM -0400 7/14/97, verner@infinitesound.com wrote:
>I'm an Aquarius - now let's stop all this age related nonsense and get on
>with the music stuff? OK.

Even though I'm a scorpio, I'll try to reply:

>Now did I miss something? What's the procedure for getting the upgrade, 
>much does it cost, do we swap chips, etc?
>J. Arif Verner

All of this will be Oberheim's policies, which I don't really know in any
detail, so I'll leave to them to describe. Your best bet is to contact them
directly and ask. Their customer service person is:  Dean Fouts
<dfouts@gibson.com>, Phone is 510-635-9633.

It will involve swapping two eproms.


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