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Re: Age (of Aquarius)

Michael Peters wrote:
> ok, maybe this will help to end the 'Age' thread:
> The average age of us is 33.4 (that is, the average age of the 48 loopers
> who have their bio on our website, and specified their age).
> <g>
> btw, I'm 43.


- hope this doesn't throw a hitch into the math . . . but this one is
still driving a 1938 Memphis (meat suit) . . .

-  btw, in a fit of gererosity i wrote:

- >>- only boring people can be bored . . . (by anything)

- somene answered:

"You've never been bored by ANYTHING?  What an excruciatingly relentless
parade of excitement your life must be...you need to watch more
my friend "

IT IS ! ! !  (even the television machine)

- The suggestion "- don't worry . . . play music YOU want to hear" . .
.  has worked so far - every sound we make is as likely to be our last
as it is to be the next to last . . . and messing around with the
silence carries its own responsibilities, just as when you make a mark
on a perfectly clean piece of paper you're taking on picasso and the
egyptians and the Tibetans and . . . not to fear . . . they're good
company - as are bird and bud and trane and diz and all the people in
the world who make sounds/art because "they can't help theirselfs" . . . 

"I used to think that musicians were real disciplined to be able to
practice a lot and get good on their instruments . . . then i married
one and it didn't take no time at all to figure out that they just can't
help theirselfs" - Appalachin woman

I'd like to invite everyone on this side of the oceans and mountains to
come hear our trio (marshall arts), loops and all, at the Monterey Jazz
Festival, September 20, 1997 . . .  and also to hear the streaming
sample (no waiting) on our site at     www.fredmarshall.com    (my son,
joshi, now 25 is the one playing the alto and tenor at the same time)

- as to the age thing, only the temporary meat suit is interested in
that kind of thing and after all, that's the same one that has the house
key in its hand when YOU want to get into the car . . .   sometimes i
wish i could get the poor thing some more ram . . .

- drive crazy . . .  *


* - a hell's angel friend decided that was his version of "break a leg"