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Re: Amplifiers for looping

>I'm using two EV-12L speakers in my stereo guitar rig and I love it.  >I'd
>highly recommend the speakers to anyone....very musical and "guitar"

I was using two closed back (ported) cabinets loaded with EV 12L's, and
they sounded really good.  But then I replaced the 12L's with Celestion
25 watt greenbacks, and now they sound awsome!!  

I feel that the 12L's are too full range for guitar. They sound sterile
and flat compared to the warm, thick, middy sound of the greenbacks.  

Compared side to side, the greenbacks sounded much more like an electric
guitar.  The down side is that the greenbacks don't work as well as PA
speaker if you are running other instuments through the looper(s).  

The workaround we've found (my brother Chris is a greenback convert
too!) is to patch the instuments into a mixer (minimum: 4 buss) with the
looper inputs fed from the effects sends (preferabley pre-fader) and the
looper outputs fed back into the main inputs of the board.

Busses 1 & 2 feed the greenbacks (all guitar sounds and loops) and
busses 3 & 4 feed PA cabinets (other instruments and effects).  We use
rackmount tube guitar amplifiers for the greenbacks and highpower solid
state amps for the PA.  With more busses, and loopers (we use 5) the
individual intruments and loopers can be placed spatially/speaker.